Rock The Stage - JongHo Drabble

Jonghyun had on his studded leather jacket over his skin tight metallic pants and he knew that he looked like he belonged on the stage before him, like he was meant to be performing like a rock star beside the singer under the spotlights and hell—he was a rock star, and he was capable of singing right then. The music was pounding through his system and here he was, leaning against the stage front with his elbows against the ply wood, staring up at the main vocalist with envy. He smiled when he caught the girl’s attention, tossing a flirtatious wink when she cast him a second glance, and she laughed, playing it off even as the cameras zoomed in on her blush.

 And Jonghyun knew about all the attention he was able to get—curious glances and badly disguised whispers—but when he felt a very different kind pressing up against his back; he felt irritation ruining his moment.

Whipping his head over his shoulder, Jonghyun shot his best death glare up at the person still standing too close to him, despite his efforts of moving closer to the stage barrier. In fact as he moved away, the other man stepped closer, slotting a leg between his, and that wasn’t comfortable at all. The singer was introducing her next song and while Jonghyun had spent his month’s pay check of singing his lungs out to be here, he still couldn’t pay her the needed respect to listen.

He simply couldn’t when he felt the unnatural hardness against his ass. Hands crept over his waist and Jonghyun snapped, turning around fast to catch the other in the rude act of violation.

Jonghyun pushed the taller man hard in the chest, watching that amused smile fall from bitten lips as he stumbled backwards. But as his weight pushed him back, the surge of the jumping crowd surrounding them pushed the man back, and Jonghyun gasped when suddenly arms were trapping him, leaning against the stage and caging him against a hot chest. They were too close for Jonghyun to even slam his fist against the other effectively, and he growled in frustration when he was crushed back against the wall again.

The music had started up again, blaring out an obnoxiously amazing medley of electric guitars and drums and bass and harsh piano riffs, but it wasn’t enough to block out the obscene whisper against his ear as domineering fingers yanked at his styled hair. That deep voice was one that he could never forget.

“You want to do this here or outside?”