131011 Mubank Recording


Male fan : Jonghyun ah ~ Remember to eat ~

J : You are a hyung ?

Fan : I am older than you by a year 

J : Are you JonghyunA ?

Fan : How do you know ?

J : I know all my fansite masters.

Cr : real9048 | yoyoyuan


The fact that JonghyunA fansite master is a HUYNG

and also Jjong knows ALL of his fansite masters

Dear Jonghyun, Please be healthy

Darling, when you were making your wish at that beautiful Japanese temple, I think you forgot something. Did you not forget to wish for your own safety and good health? Even so, I know that it’s because you are such a beautiful, selfless, loving person. Because of this, you truly deserve the best—only the best.

Baby, I’m sorry that I can’t protect you. I know that you try in your own way to shield yourself from your own vulnerability, when you’re the center of attention, when you’re scared of the camera, when you feel that you are bound. It’s okay. I know that you are strong. I will always support you, and I know that you will continue to move forward without regrets.

Still, I wish that you could slow down for a moment and cherish your life, your character, and your love. You will be okay so long as you can continue to sing, right? So just take care of yourself and be safe from now on. I wish for your good health so that you can continue to chase your dreams.

Dear Jonghyun, I wish for your freedom; I wish for your happiness.